Kite Surfing


Mountain Bike 

We are in partnership with Cycling Rentals, their team can start a guided tour  As we’re located high up and almost at the top of the mountain, it

Free Ride & Down Hill 


Come and ride with us!! Our guide can, give tips, show you the trails and shuttle you up and around in a mini van and trailer, so it’s only down hill all day. The last of the trails ends up at the Lodge, just in time for an ice cold and well-deserved beer. If you’re into discovering it all yourself, we can supply the maps and let you loose. The Sintra forest is just full of free and downhill trails. They are easy to find and all amazing, ranging in difficulty, from mild to wild. Most of Portugal’s top DH riders train here regularly.

Hiking & Geo Tracking

As we’re located in the Natural Park it’s easy just to go for a stroll and wonder around the enchanting forest. We can set up guided tours through trails in the forest. OR Set you up a Geo Tracking day with a map, a few clues and a GPS.