Casa Sao Cristovao

It’s a perfect place for people who are looking for absolute peace and tranquility in the Portuguese unexplored countryside, and in view of the wave drenched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. At the Lodge your able to recharge, then burn it all off again with any or all of the outdoor activities available here in the mountain and out in the ocean. We are creating an exclusive adventure tourism hotel here in the Natural Park of Sintra and at the edge of the known world, before the discovery of the Americas…

The house is located at the very top of the “Serra da Lua”, with a UNESCO World Heritage site is in our back yard, it’s home of one of Portugal’s most enchanting and diverse forests. Yet only a short drive of some of the most beautiful and consistent beaches in Portugal.

The House is a 100-year-old Farmhouse

It has been carefully renovated for 2 years. It has now been fully restored and furnished with antiques pieces, a unique combination of Natural Granit, Teak, and Mahogany. A classic combination of East meets West. The countries of Portugal and India have been tightly intertwined since Vasco Da Gama created the first trade rout from Europe round the Cape of Good Hope, past Madagascar and the Maldives, to India.

This part of Portugal is simply the ideal place for people who are looking to recharge their batteries, get back into the natural balance of nature and enjoy the great outdoors yet being 45 min from Central Lisbon.





Why buy in Sintra?

Dining in Portugal

Portugal’s gastronomy is as rich and varied as its landscape. There is always fresh fish on the menu, with a 1001 dishes for Cod. You will also find some of the finest Olive Oil, Wine, Port, and Cheese.

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This amazing location has serene views of the Natural Park & Atlantic Ocean, it´s a daydreaming paradise, by the pool, in the garden or up by the Koi ponds.

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Recharge you batteries.  “Control-Alt, Delete!” Re-set your self, get back to nature and escape the stresses of the big City. You feel a million miles away, but really your only 45 min from Lisbon.

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Once recharged you can burn off that excess energy with some adventure on land or in the Ocean.  There something to do around every corner here in Sintra.

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